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Mission Statement

The way we work can be described as a dynamic colla­bo­ra­tion. Our teams work closely alongside one another and with our clients to achieve excellent results. Each of us has many years of expe­ri­ence behind us, which informs what we do, and why we do it. MSCG stands for consis­tency, relia­bi­lity and fairness. We are open to newness, but don’t fall for trendy, dispo­sable things. We use new and sustainable methods and tech­no­lo­gies to create sustainable results.

We would like to create sustainable mindsets.

We are creative stra­te­gists who embrace our ecolo­gical and social responsibilities.

We always work fairly, with friends and for friends

We have developed a 365° principle. Sometimes a small course correc­tion is enough.

Graphic Design

Julia Mildner

Chief Executive Officer

Mathias Kret­sch­mann

Content Deve­lo­p­ment

Saskia Lachmann

Web deve­lo­p­ment

Tom Luca Schmidt

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